Matt Hannafin
writer / editor / percussionist

Hello, world. This is what I do.

I WRITE. Books, stories, articles, white papers, reports, blogs, press releases, rants & etc. If you need it to sing, I make it sing. If you need it to rock, I make it rock.

I RE-WRITE. Didn’t come out quite right the first time? Pass it here.

I EDIT. From top-line messaging and mid-level tidying to the most persnickety copyediting, I’ve got you covered.

I have nearly 20 years' experience crafting messages, distilling complex topics into accessible reporting, and producing professional publications for a variety of industries. My clients have included global financial and consulting firms, UN agencies, congressional candidates, nonprofits, and major newspapers, magazines, and book publishers. For the business world, I’ve provided writing, rewrite, and editorial services on more than 150 white papers and reports. As a travel writer, I’ve authored more than a half dozen books and thousands of articles and posts for newspapers, magazines, and the web. In 2010, I was honored with an SATW Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism award in the Marine Travel category.

I also MAKE MUSIC. As a performing percussionist, I divide my time between Persian classical and traditional music, free improvisation, and contemporary solo percussion. I’ve studied with giants and performed with everyone from Persian, Turkish, and Japanese masters to jazz legends, classical virtuosi, Ukrainian and Sephardic folk ensembles, electronic musicians, noise guitarists, DJs, country singers, butoh dancers, Zen flower arrangers, and all manner of etcetera.

My roots and much of my history are in New York, but my home today is Portland, Oregon.

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